The Northport Civitan Club hosted a free lunch for the Northport Police Department over the weekend as a thanks for what officers are doing for their community.

“They have a tough job,” said Civitan Club President Robert McDaniel. “There’s no doubt they put their lives on the line every day for us.”

But it wasn’t just a benefit for the police, as club members were excited at sitting down and getting to know their local law enforcement.

“They were just showing their appreciation,” said Officer Vanessa Hogg. “Because sometimes we don’t know unless the community tells us.”

Club members also learned how demanding a police officer’s job can be.

“There were three or four of them sitting there eating,” McDaniel said. “And all of a sudden their phones all rang at the same time and they all had to get up and leave their food and go get in their cars and go take care of business.”

Hogg said the positive feedback is reassuring despite the negativity surrounding law enforcement around the nation.

“It helps out a lot when we get to speak with the public to get those concerns from them,” she said.


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