Northport Police Department

Move it or lose it: That’s the slogan the Northport Police Department is using to remind residents to keep their vehicles from being broken into.

Assistant Police Chief Keith Carpenter said car break-ins are on the rise in Northport.

The reasons? Vehicle owners are leaving their valuables in plain view and aren’t locking their doors.

Carpenter said there’s another thing vehicle owners aren’t doing: reporting break-ins when they happen.

“If you go out and you find that your vehicle has been broken into, even if you haven’t lost any property, please contact us so we are aware of it,” Carpenter said. “We will come out and take a report. That way we can be aware of it and focus out patrols in areas where we are having problems.”

Carpenter said there have been 10 reported break-ins in Northport since the beginning of the year. Many of those are concentrated near Echols Middle School, he said.

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