Northport one step closer to renaming 28th Street

NORTHPORT -The city of Northport may soon be celebrating one of its own by renaming a street.

On Monday, the Northport City Council’s Public Safety Committee passed a petition requesting renaming 28th Street to Benevolent Way.

The street is home to Northport Mayor Bobby Herndon’s business, Herndon, Hicks and Associates. Ever since the April 27, 2011, tornado that devastated much of Tuscaloosa, Herndon has been paying the generosity he witnessed during that time forward.

Any time there’s a hurricane, flooding or other major disaster that’s within a drivable distance, Herndon requests donations, packs them up at his office and drives them where they need to go.

Renaming the street will make it even easier for those donations to find their proper drop-off spot, he said.

“Benevolence is a way of life, of giving from the bottom of your heart and that’s why we picked this name,” Herndon said. “To honor those who have given back.”

The petition will be presented to the full Northport City Council Oct. 24.

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