Northport nursing home facing negligence lawsuit

Forest Manor

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Anneliese Taggart

A nursing home patient who lived at Northport’s Forest Manor Health and Rehab is suing after she says she was hospitalized after a major fall.

The incident happened Feb. 18, and patient Bertha Horton fell while she was being transported from her bed to a geriatric chair.

“It was a very serious fall that resulted in her hospitalization at DCH (Regional Medical Center) and surgical intervention because she fractured her left tibia and right femur,” said Amardo Wesley Pitters, Horton’s attorney.

Horton is suing for negligence based on what she belives was an inadequate standard of care when she was being moved, in addition to what she says was a cover-up by the nursing home. She says they weren’t quick enough getting her to the hospital, and that her family wasn’t properly notified regarding the incident.

Her attorney said what happened to her emphasizes the importance of providing reliable care for our elderly.

“If you do not have adequate personnel, policy and procedures in place, you’re going to have what happened to Ms. Horton time and time again,” Pitters said.

Pitters said the lawsuit was filed under Tuscaloosa County Circuit Court, and the defendants have 30 days to file a response.

WVUA 23 reached out to Forest Manor’s director regarding this story, but they refused an interview and had no comment.