Northport mobile home park prepares for severe weather

Hunter Creek Mobile Home Park

By WVUA 23 News Student Reporter Caleb Aguayo

Some residents at the Hunter Creek Mobile Home Park in Northport were concerned for their homes ahead of Tuesday night’s storms.

In March, park residents were forced to evacuate due to flooding. This flood damaged or destroyed several mobile homes, closed Hunter Creek Road adjacent to the park, and prevented residents from entering or leaving by car.

Some residents whose mobile homes were damaged in past months are still repairing, gutting and replacing the inside of their homes.

Shannon Reed, a 10-year resident of Hunter Creek, said the park faces the issue of flooding every year because it is built at an incline.

All the water collects at the front driveway, which is the access point for all vehicles entering or leaving the mobile home park. As the water pools, it begins to flood the mobile homes at the lowest elevations.

Reed said the last time it flooded, the water reached the windows of some mobile homes. The windows stand around three to four feet off the ground.

While flooding is a problem for residents during times of severe weather, Reed said he just tries to keep himself and his family safe.

“We do watch the weather,” Reed said. “When it gets bad, I have family here in town. Sometimes I go to their house. But usually, we watch it, try to be safe, keep ourselves in a safe place, and make sure we can get out of here because it will flood and we can’t get out.”

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