By WVUA 23 Student Reporter Jack Royer. Compiled for Web by Web Writer Trent Carlson

Northport Mayor Bobby Herndon visited the Tuscaloosa County School Board meeting Monday to make sure the Board will keep its promise of a new Northport middle school.

Last year, the Board agreed to fund construction of a new middle school in Northport, Alabama’s 20th-biggest city. Herndon said the new school is essential as Northport continues to grow.

“Our city has been blessed,” Herndon said. “We’re growing exponentially as far as residences; we have new businesses moving in.”

Herndon said it’s inevitable that Northport schools will eventually have to leave the Tuscaloosa County School System and form Northport City Schools. This would allow Northport to focus more money and attention on each student, Herndon said.

Tuscaloosa County Schools Superintendent Walter Davie said the Board does not think a creation of a Northport school district is unavoidable.

“We’re moving on and proceeding on with Tuscaloosa County School System as we would,” Davie said. “We have our needs for all of our system and all of our kids, and we’ll stay on this path until something changes.”

Herndon and Davie did not speak at Monday’s meeting, as Herndon only addressed the Board about the promises they had made for a new middle school.

At the meeting, the Tuscaloosa County School Board approved a project manager for the new Holt High School, meaning construction is coming soon. The next official Board meeting is on April 11.

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