Northport Developers Meeting00000000

Northport’snew mayor, Donna Aaron made community engagement a priority as she continued to adjust to her new role.

Business owners and community members crowded intoThe Levee Bar & Grill on Monday night to see what Aaron had planned for Northport.

“I want to hear about the city growth, see what’s going to happen in the future, see what new businesses are coming to town, to the city and see where they plan to expand,” said local business owner Andrew Knipher.

Aaron has a lot on her agenda and the support of the community is the key to turning her plans into realities.

“I think it is important to me to get the word out to those who are interested and those who are stake holders in Northport so that they know what’s coming and if they can help us and we can help them, we want that bridge to be there,” Aaron said.

Her plans include lowering the amount of garbage pick-ups from twice a week to once a week. She also hopes to improve the quality of the roads in addition to furthering the development on the riverfront over the next four years along with adding new retail, housing, and parks.

“Any new businesses in the area always helps the growth, it brings more families to the area, creates a lot more revenue so there’s more things in the city that can be built, for future growth from what’s now to then,” Knipher said.

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