Northport mayor bringing back State of the City address April 18

Northport Mayor Bobby Herndon is bringing back a State of the City address, and the first will be April 18, the mayor announced Monday. It’ll be the first such event in more than four years, as former Northport Mayor Donna Aaron did not make any during her time in office.

Herndon said he’ll be discussing everything from the city’s finances to its growth and the possibility of building out a city school system, and all residents are welcome.

“It’s your city,” Herndon said. “You need to know how the city is being run, how your money is being taken care of, the anticipated growth, the economic growth, the commercial business growth and retail growth.”

The meeting will be held during Northport’s next Northport City Council meeting, April 18, 5:30 p.m. at Northport City Hall.

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