Northport leaders, residents debate future city improvements

By WVUA 23 News Student Reporter Emily Benito

Northport leaders and residents met Monday with an important mission: Brainstorming the next 20 years of city improvements.

Some major requests? Better roads and more walkways and parks. You can check out some of those potential ideas right here.

City leaders seeking feedback so they can ensure Northport is a desirable place to eat, shop and live alongside becoming more than Tuscaloosa’s smaller sibling.

During the meeting, residents interacted with city maps they could mark on and identify areas of interest and potential growth.

Project Manager Jason Fonderen said Northport won’t change overnight, but long-term residents have a lot they can be excited about.

“I think there’s also an understanding in the community that there’s some potential to grow more, which will help them achieve that goal of having more things to do,” Fonderen said. “The infrastructure has to be in place for them to be able to do that.”

If you couldn’t make it to the meeting but want your voice heard, you can fill out surveys regarding potential city upgrades right here.

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