Downtown Northport is offering a big-city perk in a small-town spot: Main Avenue will be host to a food truck event May 26.

The city designated an area on the south end of the road near the train tracks as “Trucks by the Tracks.” Northport city leaders said they hope this May 26 event will increase opportunities for food trucks and vendors, as well as creating a dynamic atmosphere downtown.

Northport officials said if the event is popular, it will become a staple of the downtown area.

“We’ve had a food truck ordinance since 2015,” said District 2 Councilman Jay Logan “But we wanted to roll it out and kick the tires under it a little bit, kind of get the temperature of our brick and mortar restaurants and try to see if there is a market in a controlled environment for our food truck industry.”

The city also passed an ordinance requiring food carts to keep at least 500 feet from similar businesses in Northport, and that they must be operating on private property.

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