Northport Construction

The city of Northport experienced record growth in 2019 with more homes and new local and national businesses putting roots in the area.

Northport Mayor Donna Aaron and the Northport City Council members said they have even bigger plans this year. From the housing boom to new retail, projects are in the works to attract businesses and help grow those that are already existing.

“When we took office, we made a pact that when the budget was passed, that was it,” Aaron said. “You lived by it, you died by it. And we lived by it. There were very little things we went off budget for, and it had to be an emergency, so ever since we have continued to make a very good budget.”

In 2019, the Northport City Council voted to provide sales and lodging tax rebates of up to $100,000 per year for 10 years to The Bullseye @ 1871, LLC, so long as the developer builds qualifying businesses in the city. They anticipate to bring a $5.3 million project to property on the corner of McFarland Boulevard and Trade Center Drive, next to Northport Lowe’s.

“I think our city is poised with just tremendous growth and and many sectors, whether its financial, constituent services, retail, commercial development, that’s happening in our city,” Council President Jay Logan said. “I think from a regional, national standpoint, is outstanding.”

Northport Development Coordinator Max Snyder said the focus this year is on projects improving the city’s economy for years to come.

“I love it because we needed more businesses, especially out in the Northport area so we don’t have to go all the way to Tuscaloosa and fight traffic,” said Northport resident Angel Jackson.

Another point of pride for the city is its low crime rate. Aaron had great things to say about the leadership of Northport Police Chief Gerald Burton and his plans for 2020.

“I think having a presence in our neighborhoods … it says so much,” Aaron said. “The plan that he has, I know when we have been so very, very short of staffing. And there’s been sometimes that he took a shift himself at night. I mean, he doesn’t seem to feel like he’s above getting down there on the streets with the rest of them.”

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