Thanksgiving Safety Picture

Northport Fire Rescue

Story by WVUA 23’s Kayla Smith.

As Thanksgiving approaches, Northport Fire Rescue urges people to take several precautions in the kitchen.

  • Never leave a stove unattended.
  • Keep an eye on kids while they are in the kitchen.
  • Make sure your fire alarms are working before you start cooking.

More cooking fires occur on Thanksgiving than any other day of the year. In 2017, fire departments responded to roughly 1,600 Thanksgiving Day house fires, according to the National Fire Protection Agency.

Northport Fire Rescue Captain Roger Potter warned that danger extends beyond cooking fires on Thanksgiving.

“We also run a lot of medical emergencies by steam burns and liquid burns and stuff like that with kids running around the kitchen,” Potter said. “They’ll grab hot coffee or grab gravy or something sitting on the side, and you will get steam burns and liquid burns also like that.”

Turkey is one of Thanksgiving’s most popular dishes, but it can also be one of the most dangerous to prepare.

If your family intends to fry a turkey this year, Northport Fire Rescue recommends that you set up your pot at least 15 feet away from all structures in your yard and that you keep a fire extinguisher on hand.

Keep in mind that many local restaurants prepare turkeys for Thanksgiving Day. Purchasing one of these birds can be a cheaper alternative to buying the equipment needed to fry your own. Also, you and your family will not have to handle any yard clean up after dinner.

Northport Fire Rescue will host its annual turkey frying demonstration at the Publix in Northport on Nov. 26. Firefighters will show you what can happen when turkey frying goes wrong.

For more information, you can visit Northport Fire Rescue’s Facebook page.

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