Northport daycare keeps kids cool as temps rise


In the South, we call these temperatures “hot as blue blazes.”

All jokes aside, when it’s this hot, safety is a concern, especially for children.

But Chapel Hill Child Development Center in Northport has a variety of plans in place to keep their children cool and safe.

“One of the big things we try to do when we go outside, we try to go out during the morning hours,”Administrator Rob Livingston said.

During the heat of the day, he explained you can find students inside the facility. But children need some time to run out their energy outside.

“We have a water jug outside that we encourage parents to bring their reusable water bottles,” Livingston said.

“We fill those up with reusable water, we drink inside as well but we want to make sure all kids stay hydrated, stay sun screened. We encourage hats when we can.”

In the afternoons, kids at Chapel Hill beat the heat with a sweet treat.

Livingston said the kids enjoy popsicles in the shade.

“They don’t need to be inside all the time, but (this) gives them outside chance to cool off with a fun treat.”

The center also has a new device to keep parents cool and safe, too. A drive-thru bell rings when a tire rides over it, alerting the children inside that their parents are here to pick them up outside.

“One of our staffers goes out and checks and sees who’s here. So, a parent doesn’t have to wait outside in the heat because of our security, but also our kids don’t have to wait outside in the heat. We try to go from air conditioned buildings to air conditioned cars quickly when it’s possible.”

Parker Scott, son of WVUA 23 Meteorologist Richard Scott and a student at the center, gave a weather forecast of his own.

“It’s going to be hot outside,” he said.

“You should stay inside and drink a bunch of water and be staying in the shade.”

Young children aren’t the only ones vulnerable to extreme heat. Other populations include the elderly, those who are pregnant, and those taking certain medications.

For more information on staying safe in these sweltering summer temperatures, head over to

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