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For the second time in this term, the city of Northport will have to replace a council member for District 1 after Lee Boozer stepped down from his post Feb.28.

Boozer said he resigned on doctor’s orders.

Boozer replaced Dennis Hambright, who died in May 2017. Boozer was appointed that July 2017.

Northport Mayor Donna Aaron said the council must decide how they will handle the appointment.

To replace Hambright, the council went through the district voter roll and held interviews with potential candidates before making the appointment. They received criticism because the process was not open to the public. However, Aaron said she stands behind the council’s decision.

“He did it regrettably because he loved doing what he did and he was so good at doing what he did and he was a perfect person to come in after councilman Hambright.” Aaron said.

The mayor and council will have 60 days to appoint someone or the governor will step in and make the appointment.

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