Northport considering pedestrian-friendly plan for stretch of Mitt Lary, Highway 69

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Valarie Bracken

The city of Northport is growing, and city leaders are looking at making things a whole lot friendlier for those walking or biking around town, especially along Mitt Lary Road and Alabama Highway 69.

Their plan, the Northern Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, was put on display at Northport City Hall Feb. 15 and proposes a 4-mile shared-use path alongside the major roadways, offering bikers and pedestrians a safer way to travel.

Northport Mayor Bobby Herndon said the $14 million plan could begin construction next year.

“It’s good to know that you have a safe, wide sidewalk that you can walk on, that you can jog on, that you can eventually get to about anywhere you want to go to in a certain part of the city,” Herndon said. “One of these days I’d like to see these things all around the city. It’s a great quality of life product for our citizens.”

Part of the city’s goal is encouraging more non-vehicular travel and increasing recreational opportunities for Northport’s residents, Herndon said.

You can check out the full plan below.


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