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Northport Mayor Donna Aaron recently recommended a proposal to the city council and Monday Northport residents have the opportunity to give their thoughts.

The Northport City Council is holding a public hearing on July 29 regarding a citywide sales tax increase. No vote will be held at the hearing, but it is an opportunity for the public to come and give their opinions on the matter.

Northport City Council President Jay Logan says this meeting is a good opportunity to get their concerns and ideas out.

“Again, this is more about citizens getting their concerns out and having some ideas of building to the cornerstones of not only debt management, debt reduction, but quality of life and recreation,” Logan said. “Those are things we can start looking at because some of the needs we get asked for by citizens are beyond what we can do financially.”

If the proposal is passed, Logan wants to see it benefit the city’s financial woes, public servants and schools. Logan also says that Tuscaloosa’s recent sales tax increase does not affect the decisions made by the City of Northport.

“See, if the possibility the city council does decide to do it, we want to have a definite plan that maybe has some cornerstones such as being fiscally responsible for the debt reduction plan, first responders, education, public safety,” he said. “The approaches may be completely different between the two cities.”

Northport resident Frank Griffin said his chief concern is making sure his tax dollars are being spent transparently and responsibly.

“We need know where our tax money is going and if they can justify it or if they can dedicate it,” Griffin said. “Like, some tax increases are for education, yes, but if it goes to the general fund and they can just spend it however they want, then no.”

The public hearing will be held on July 29 at 6 p.m. at the Northport City Hall.

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