Northport city leaders OK new employee pay plan


Northport’s leaders are taking steps to improve employee compensation so the city can attract and keep employees.

This new pay plan was approved Monday at Northport’s City Council meeting.

Northport Mayor Bobby Herndon said Northport hasn’t been able to compete with other cities when it comes to the pay scale they offer for their employees. That’s changing now.

“From what I understand across the board the average would be about 8%,” Hendon said. “Some will be getting less, some will be getting more. It just depends on their length of stay.”

Herndon said because of some great finical decisions made by the past few councils, Northport is in a position where it can focus on recruiting and retaining employees.

“Been getting several emails from city employees today, thanking myself and the council for this because it is big,” Herndon said. “I’ve said many times I want Northport to be the preferred city anywhere to live or to work, and we are getting there.”

Herndon said he wants his residents to be compensated well for all they do.

“Now we get to keep the great employees that we have, other agencies especially like police and fire that would be paying more,” Herndon said. “I couldn’t argue with someone who wanted to better their family situation and leave to go to a better paying job but now we can offer pretty much the same pay as anyone along with our great benefits. The main thing is to make people stay.”

The new pay plan is scheduled to go into effect July 1.

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