Northport City Hall installs Tuscaloosa Public Library checkout kiosk

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Karnera Gafford

Get ready book worms, a new book vending machine is making its way to Northport City Hall. Residents can go online and request which book they would like to check out. When it is ready, users can use their Tuscaloosa Public Library card to pick it up. 

The new vending machine is going to give the Northport community more access to the Tuscaloosa Public Library without having to travel as far.

“I think it is a convenience factor,” said District 1 City Council Member Christy Bobo. “It’s a great way to have things closer to home, so you can come here instead of going to the library. I know the library is not that far away, it’s right across the bridge and down the hill and we love having that proximity to it. It’s just another convenience factor to come to city hall and check out materials.”

All users will be able to check out books for three weeks at a time and can renew each book three times. Readers will not receive fees when using the machine. 

The vending machine will be available for use Sept. 15. 

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