Northport City Leaders are thinking outside the box while trying to bring new Businesses to the area.

It could have a major impact on the City Of Northport.

Many call it a bold move.

Selling City Hall would move to Downtown Northport and creating a Retail Trade Area at the location.

City Leaders hopes this will bring more people and energy to Downtown.

During Monday Night’s Northport City Council Meeting, Councilmen Jeff Hogg and Jay Logan presented the idea to the Council.

They say they want to be smart in recruiting retail.

They want Businesses the city can support.

For instance, they believe retail such as Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus, the city wouldn’t be able to support that.

Hogg says Northport City Hall is about 36,000 square feet and only about 20,000 of that is being used.

He says with all the traffic, the City Hall location is perfect for retail.

“When we went through the campaign process everyone in Northport said we’ve got to have something for our citizens in terms of Restaurants in terms of things that for the kids to do in terms of clothing whatever it may be that’s what they wanted to see” says District 5 Northport City Councilman Jeff Hogg.

The Council went into an Executive Session to discuss possible retail coming to the Northport.

If the council moves forward with the recommendation, they will actually discuss it next Monday.

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