Dennis Hambright Chair

Northport hosted a somber City Council meeting Monday evening after last week’s loss of District 1 City Councilman Dennis Hambright.

Monday’s meeting began with a special prayer honoring Hambright, who died early Thursday morning. Hambright was only about six months into his first term as a councilman after ousting incumbent Judy Hayes.

Northport Mayor Donna Aaron and the City Council honored Hambright with a slide show and plenty of kind words, and Aaron offered Hambright’s city photo and his nameplate to his family.

“He wanted so much for his district,” Aaron said. “He wanted to make sure what he was doing for his district was going to be right, and he wanted to always be a positive influence for his district and for the city.”

The city of Northport has 60 days to appoint Hambright’s replacement, or Gov. Kay Ivey will make the appointment.

In other Northport news:

Seven candidates interviewed for the Northport City Administrator position.

HR Director Joseph Rose was working as interim city administrator, but during Monday’s meeting he withdrew his name as a candidate for the position and resigned for his interim post effective immediately, saying he wanted to spend more time with his family. Rose is staying on as Northport’s human resources director.

The council then voted for naming Bruce Higginbotham as the new interim city administrator. Higginbotham will also continue his duties as city engineer.

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