Northport City Council considers water/sewer increases, controversial development

By WVUA 23 Student Reporter Gracie Fusco

NORTHPORT – After a year’s time, the proposed Hunter Creek Townhomes are back on Northport City Council members’ desks. Thursday, Sept. 9, was the first reading of the newly revised proposed townhome development.

The development got voted down in January because of an unfavorable recommendation and unhappy residents.

After that vote, developers said they’ve listened to the public’s concerns and made changes to the plans. Now, they’re hoping it’s enough for residents to stay happy while allowing the development.

“It’s a different kind of housing development,” Northport Mayor Bobby Herndon said. “Our city doesn’t have a wide variety of different housing needs as far as smaller homes. We have some larger homes, we have some larger townhomes but we don’t have many smaller units. They are in demand. So the pro as far as the city is concerned is that it’s just a different style that is more affordable to the citizens looking to move to Northport.”

Another big item up for discussion Thursday was a proposed fee increase on water, sewer and garbage rates.

Northport is looking to raise fees for water and sewer by $1.50 a month.

They’re also looking to raise garbage service fees by $4.50 a month for residential customers and $10 a month for commercial customers. If passed, it would be the first rate increase in more than a decade.

“A lot of folks won’t like it, I’m going to be honest,” Herndon said. “But it’s something that any business would have to do. You have to pay employees, you have to pay labor, and you have to pay for all of the stuff that goes into the water and sewage treatment. It’s just part of life.”

The second reading, vote and public discussion on both issues is scheduled for Sept. 19. If passed, the increases go into effect Jan. 1.

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