Northport City Council adopts resolutions on water park

The city of Northport met Monday evening and discussed the adopted resolutions for the future of the Northport water park.

Northport Engineer Tera Tubbs said the city is hiring a consulting firm to go through the construction process and lay out plans for the water park to determine what the capacity needs might be before logistics and construction.

“We had two items in the council agenda regarding the water park. One is a master service agreement with Pro Parks, so they are gonna help us with the sizing of our water park all the way through the construction and opening of our water park,” said Tubbs.

District 5 Council Member Jeff Hogg said he believes a water park can make Northport a destination city.

“When we look at all the items we approved tonight on the agenda, whether it’s the adventure park or the sports complex or the water park, they all tie in together to be something that is not only for our citizens but also to bring additional people here to find out exactly what Northport has to offer,” said Hogg.

Tubbs said they hope to have the park up and running by May 2024

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