Northport budgets 2022 funds for flooding research

Northport Flooding 2

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Maria Grenyo

Northport is looking at spending more than $600,000 next year in a bid to figure out why certain portions of the city are facing constant flooding concerns.

In Monday’s Northport City Council meeting, City Administrator Glenda Webb announced the city is seeking approval for its Capital Budget Plan. The plan will be voted on Dec. 13.

District 3 Council Member John Hinton said fixing the issue is a high priority.

“We’re just concerned, and we’ve really felt for the people in that area that have had so much devastation, and we hope that we can make plans to really fix it in a way that will be good for the future,” Hinton said.

In June, the Northport City Council declared a State of Emergency because of flood damage and set aside $750,000 to address flooding issues.

The $600,000 from the Capital Budget Plan will go toward figuring out which repairs are most important and will do the most good.

The council has been working on a flooding budget for the past five months. This budget includes setting aside money to study how to alleviate flooding across the city.

“We are hoping this study will direct us in specifically what needs to be done there,” Hinton said.

Hinton said he hopes the study will take no more than a few months so the council can begin funding drainage projects as soon as possible.

He said some Northport residents are still facing repair work from the summer’s floods.

“Now I understand that there may be still a few people in Brookside that have not gotten back in their homes because of the flood and the tremendous cost to renovate their houses,” Hinton said.

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