Two north Alabama counties are being warned by their local water authority not to drink their tap water because of chemical contamination. With a contamination situation nearby, many west Alabamians may be asking if they should be concerned about the safety of their drinking water?

The primary water source for Tuscaloosa is Lake Tuscaloosa.
Fortunately, it has a very clean water shed, meaning the water that comes into it is very clean with very little industrialization. Tuscaloosa Water Treatment Biologist Bernard Cassity.
He says the type of compounds that we see in Lake Tuscaloosa have to do with agricultural run-off and animal production.
The chemicals warned to be in the Tennessee River water in north Alabama have an industrial makeup.

Fire Departments were scheduled to hand out bottled water in parts of Lawrence and Morgan counties beginning this afternoon.
The situation in these north Alabama counties has not been declared a water crisis by the state.

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