The nonstop rain across West Alabama over the last few days has started to create problems especially in areas of low elevation.

Most of our area has picked up 2 to 5 inches of rain since Wednesday night, which leads to major concerns of flooding, especially near rivers and lakes.

Friday morning, Tuscaloosa Police posted on their Facebook page urging residents to make sure their property is secure because multiple items were seen floating loose in the lake.

Homeowner Bill McDonald, whose backyard is a lake, said he’s no stranger to having to deal with what comes with the heavy rainfall with his property.

“We’ve been here 33 years and it’s happened several times to us but I had it secured to one of the tree, McDonald said. “The water got up so high it took my boat and because of the pressure against my dock it pulled my dock loose too.”

McDonald said numerous objects wash up against their slew especially over the past two days where there was heavy rainfall.

One thing McDonald says homeowners can do when flood advisories and heavy rain fall sweep our area is to stay well prepared and cautious.

“Be very vigilant on it and just because you go to bed at night and everything is okay you better check it during the night to make sure because the water rises very quickly and can do a lot of damage if you don’t have everything secured,” said McDonald.

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