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Difficulty obtaining access to high-speed internet isn’t just a problem in rural counties, it’s a problem in Tuscaloosa County.

Glen Ridge residents were unaware that they did not have internet or hard-wired cable until after they closed on their homes. The county commission was presented with a petition of more than 100 names on Jan. 23. The petition stated signees agreed to use Charter Spectrum, but they said the company has been unresponsive.

The homeowners said one of the many negative effects this has on them is a negative impact on their property value.

“My problem with it right now is I’m worried about the resale value on our home,” Glen Ridge resident Angie Denmark said. “I’m worried about people not moving in. We’ve had a lot of people that have come in and looked at homes cause they’re very nice homes, but once they find out there is no internet or cable, they’re turned off and turned away.”

Residents also said that not having internet has created multiple problems for their families.

“Well, I have two-year-old triplets all with special needs,” resident Shanquail Horton said. “Two of them have autism and one was born with hearing loss and wears cochlear implants. We can’t even do tele-therapy and take advantage of those services due to the lack of internet.”

District 4 County Commissioner Reginald Murray said the Tuscaloosa County’s contract with cable providers will be up for renewal soon.

“They’re inconvenienced having to drive to libraries, Books-a-Millions, so forth to get hotspots,” Murray said. “We are taking this very seriously, so Charter Spectrum needs to make sure they understand that.”

Internet isn’t the only thing residents are lacking, they don’t have cable television either. The next Tuscaloosa County Commission meeting is scheduled to take place on Feb. 6 at 9 a.m.

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