Nick’s Kids Foundation celebrates local teachers

Teacher Awards

The Nick’s Kids Foundation hosted its 12th annual Teacher Excellence Awards Luncheon at the Tuscaloosa River Market.

Teachers look forward to this wonderful recognition every year.

“It makes us feel like someone really gets it and they appreciate what we do and how much we love our children and how much we pour into their lives and into our family’s and our parent’s lives,” Arcadia Elementary Kindergarten teacher Julia Thomas said.

“As an educator, just to get this amount of appreciation shown to us is just incredible,” Myrtlewood Elementary teacher Holly Tanner said. “Often what we do, we don’t get to see it immediately, so to be able to feel appreciation is something special.

The nonprofit run by Nick and Terry Saban helps raise money and support families, children, students and teachers around West Alabama.

“They could do all kinds of things with their lives, but the fact that they choose to teach our young people is the most important thing and it goes such a long way,” Terry Saban said.

Each year during the luncheon, the foundation recognizes and rewards 50 teachers for their dedication inside and outside of the classroom.

“Nick’s Kids, our foundation, purchases $500 in gift certificates to local businesses,” Saban said. “We just think it might make a little difference in their lives for the holidays. Buy a ham, buy something for their classroom, buy something for their children, whatever it is. But we are also supporting local businesses.”

As a teacher herself, Mrs. Saban knows this profession can often be a thankless job.

“As a teacher, you often don’t get immediate gratification, ” she said. “Nobody is going to tell you what a great job you’re doing. Sometimes it takes years later to find out gee it really worked. Recently I was on a Delta plane going to Texas, and the pilot came up to me and said ‘Do you remember Chris Tranquil?’ And I said, ‘Well yes, I taught of him in seventh grade.’ He said ‘Well he wants me to tell you hello because he remembers all of the linking verbs.’ So I want them to know today that we do appreciate what they do and they are making a difference.”

One outstanding teacher from each Tuscaloosa City and County elementary and middle school was awarded.

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