New Venue landing in North Tuscaloosa this summer

The Venue Tuscaloosa 02

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Aajene Robinson

Not a venue. The Venue, and it’s gonna feature five restaurants and a full bar alongside a lawn and patio featuring plenty of seating and space. What’s more, The Venue will host live music and events. If you can’t stay and hang out, pick up some ice cream from the drive-thru.

As first reported in the Tuscaloosa Thread, this new hot spot will be located right across from Sokol Park, right next to Treehouse Farm and Nursey, 6052 Watermelon Road. The location is right at the edge of North Tuscaloosa.

Venue concept creator Bryan Finison said more and people these days enjoy being outdoors, and a food-focused spot like this is something Tuscaloosa is sorely lacking.

“We have moved toward outside eating, outside entertainment, and the family unit has really grown closer together and is looking for family-friendly opportunities,” Finison said. “The trend in America is to go be outside with your family and have options for your family.”

Right now, all that exists of The Venue are a few piles of dirt sitting amid a cleared plot of land and a sign highlighting what’s to come.

Construction renders showcase separate buildings for restaurants with walk-up service built around a patch of grass with plenty of tables and chairs, a pavilion for performers and a spot filled with outdoor games like corn hole.

“Currently, our operational plans are to be open Monday through Saturday with live entertainment free to the public on Friday and Saturday, to bring your family and enjoy,” Finison said.

Finison said he plans to have The Venue open and ready for visitors by June.

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