New Tuscaloosa Police unit cutting down on interstate crime

A new unit within the Tuscaloosa Police Department is helping cut down on crime coming into our area via the country’s interstate system.

The Interdiction Crime Enforcement Division is responsible for recognizing potential drug or human trafficking coming through Tuscaloosa, because Interstate 20/59 is a major corridor between the Southwest and Atlanta.

“They are going to be looking for any type of criminal behavior,” said Tuscaloosa Police Assistant Chief Steve Rice. “And any type of suspicious behavior during traffic stops. They are trained investigators who can home on any kind of criminal behavior that’s going on.”

The unit was activated a few months ago, Rice said, but it’s already seeing some major success.

“They’ve stopped several cars,” he said. “They have gotten $37,000 out of one vehicle, and just a few days ago they got 15 pounds of marijuana. ”

This unit knows what and who they are looking for.

“They are looking for specific individuals, so everyday citizens probably have nothing to worry about through our unit,” Rice said.

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