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By WVUA 23 Student Reporter Shelia O’Connor

A new trend springing up across the U.S. could help women or men who find themselves in a bar or restaurant uncomfortable with the situation they’re in.

It’s called the Angel Shot, and it sprang up after one St. Petersburg, Florida, restaurant posted this message in their women’s restroom.

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Variations on the trend took off across the U.S., but it works like this: having a bad first date or first meeting? Find someone who works at the restaurant, order what you need and they’ll help you get home safe.

Christian Pierce, general manager of Buffalo Phil’s on the Strip in Tuscaloosa, said it’s a brilliant idea.

“You always want customers to be safe,” he said. “And when I come here to work every day, I always make sure that my customers are taken care of.”

Pierce said implementing something like this would be trivial at just about any place people meet for dates. Buffalo Phil’s does not have a system like this yet, he said, but it wouldn’t take much more than a staff meeting and some printed sheets of paper.


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