Reported by: WVUA 23 Reporter Sam Luther

A new procedure to fix patients’ breathing problems is being offered in Alabama.

Around 20 million Americans have trouble breathing through their nose. Quick and easy fixes have been hard to find, until the Food and Drug Administration approved technology in 2017 that allows patients to breathe normally again without surgery. This comes as a relief for patients like Mike Lahurd, who said breathing has been an issue since 1992.

“And it has never gotten better in all those years,” Lahurd said. “And went to several ENTs (Ear Nose and Throat) across the country and nobody could help me. But yeah, definitely feels better.”

The procedure is quick and easy, which is a benefit for many patients.

“It was like no time at all, I mean he did the procedure, you were done and like took a breath and you’re done,” said fellow patient Rosalia Herdt.

Dr. Michael Sillers of the Alabama Nasal and Sinus Center said the selection process for the procedure is strict but worth it.

“There’s a little triangular area called the nasal valve and so it sits like this,” Dr. Sillers said. “And so it sits like this and we’re treating one edge of that valve and by opening that nasal valve you increase the surface area which means you’ve got more space for air flow.”

Dr. Sillers is one of four doctors in the Birmingham area that offer this kind of procedure.

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