By WVUA 23 Web Reporter Evan Reier

A new revenue bill in the Alabama state legislature could shake up how much citizens are paying for gasoline while also looking to improve roads and bridges across the state.

There are plenty of transportation projects across the state that need funding and work, but the state’s current fiscal situation has called for action. The bill, still currently being discussed, would be created with the goal to earn money for said projects.

State Sen. Gerald Allen is a proponent of the bill, and believes in its capabilities to improve Alabama’s roads and bridges while also helping the state economy.

“It’s a huge incentive as far as growing the economy, recruiting new industries to be able to bring in new industry and be able to put in the infrastructure needed,” Allen said.

There isn’t a specific rate decided yet, but the tax would be phased in over three years. For instance, it could be five cents the first year, five cents the second year and then two cents in the third year.

An additional five cents to each gallon may not what the citizens of the state want, but Allen thinks that the state’s transportation situation needs this tax.

“When you travel up and down the state you know our roads are not where they need to be,” Allen said.

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