New Northport City Council member hosts first town hall meeting

More than two dozen residents of Northport’s District 3 gathered at Daystar Family Church earlier this month to meet their new representative.

Karl Wiggins was appointed by Gov. Kay Ivey in March after John Hinton vacated the position to become mayor following former Mayor Bobby Herndon’s resignation.

Wiggins said the meeting ensured he could speak with his constituents one-on-one and learn their concerns.

“I think the main thing is to just let people know who I am and let them know how they can get in touch with me and and how to share issues they are having with me, “said Wiggins.

Questions posed to Wiggins included short-term rentals in Northport, creek erosion, noise ordinances and the potential sale of Northport Community Center and its surrounding land.

The Northport City Council recently voted to begin exploring the sale of its community center. This decision brought many concerns especially from the senior citizens who felt like this is their only place to go.

Northport residents were thankful for the meeting. It was a chance to have open dialogue, collaboration, and positive change.

“I believe more things like this need to take place in all districts to give the people of Northport a voice. I do not feel like we have been given that opportunity publicly or privately,” said Northport resident Zach Stone.

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