A new law going into effect this week will allow breweries to sell directly to customers.

House Bill 176 allows Alabama breweries to sell products for home consumption, and goes into effect June 1.

Band of Brothers owner Quintin Brown said the change will boost local breweries throughout the state.

“It’s pretty exciting for us and the brewers,” he said. “What that allows us to do is be able to distribute our product also to the public from our facilities.”

Black Warrior Brewing Company co-owner Eric Hull agreed.

“We’ll be able to expand our reach for those people traveling through town, just wanting to stop and grab a six-pack or something to-go,” he said. “As well as expand the possibilities of growlers, people taking home things that aren’t necessarily available in stores and restaurants around town.”

The bill allows breweries to sell 288 ounces of craft beer per customer per visit. Those ounces can come in bottles, cans or growers, and visitors can re-use their own growlers.

Brown said the new law will have a big impact on the industry, and thanks to the new law, brewery owners can get their beer in front of people who may never have tasted it otherwise.

“In turn everybody benefits from it,” he said. “It’s the possibility of increasing what we’re producing, translating it into more mobs, helping the economy, and all of it benefiting everyone.

Hull said his customers are thrilled they’ll soon be able to take home their favorite beer.

“We’ve had a few people come in (Saturday), thinking they can get it already, and we’ve had to tell them to just hold on for a couple more days.”

Before the law passed, Alabama was the only state in the country that banned breweries from selling in to-go containers.

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