By WVUA 23 Web Writer Kyarra Harris

It’s a type of medical treatment that really sticks with patients, and now you don’t have to go to a hospital to get it. But if you don’t like needles, hydration therapy may not be for you.

Revive Hydration Therapy (2205 Seventh St., Unit C) uses IVs for delivering customers fluids, vitamins and nutrients.

“IV hydration is beneficial because one bag of fluids is equivalent to 2 gallons of water,” said Revive Head Nurse Kimberly Hannah. “But it also has the electrolytes in it that you don’t always get when you just drink water from the tap.”

The treatment can be used to help with hangovers, athletic recovery and illness. Any employee involved in giving an IV is a registered nurse, and a physician oversees the therapy.

“We also offer a wide variety of vitamins for people who need something for energy,” Hannah said, “Or with the sickness going around, you can get some immune boosters and things like that.”

Patients can receive treatment as often as every other day, depending on how their body responds, Hannah said. For most people, getting stuck with a needle is the scariest part, but the registered nurses said they make it quick and easy.

“We have a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere,” said co-owner Kyle Davis. “You can hang out with your friends, we have a really friendly staff that really knows what they are doing. We’ve got all of our staff that are treatment specialist.”

But those treatments don’t come cheap. The standard treatment costs $50. Addons start at $15. Monthly memberships offer discounts for customers who visit multiple times a month. House calls are also available starting at $100.

The hydration clinic’s grand opening is set for this Saturday in Tuscaloosa.

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