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By WVUA 23 Web Writer Heather Buchanan

A bill that would allow Alabamians to carry loaded handguns in their cars without a permit will be sent to the State House of Representatives today.

Senate Bill 14 passed the State Senate Tuesday night and will be assigned a committee today in the House. Sen. Gerald Allen, sponsor of the bill, said this bill was about a citizen’s right to protect themselves.

“Americans spend dozens of hours in their vehicles every year, going to and from work, school, and their homes,” Allen said. “We ought to make it as easy as possible for Alabamians to protect themselves in their automobiles.”

Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Mississippi have similar laws allowing adults to carry loaded handguns in their cars without a permit. In Alabama, a permit is not required for gun ownership but Alabamians need a concealed carry permit to keep it in their car. The bill extends the Castle Doctrine, which allows a person to keep a firearm in their home for protection, to personal automobiles.

Groups like the Alabama Sheriff’s Association and the Alabama Police Chief’s Association have voiced concerned over the passage of such a bill, but Allen said the bill would protect a citizen’s basic rights.

“This is about protecting the fundamental rights of Alabamians to protect themselves, their family, and their property,” Allen said.

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