New era begins as Queen Elizabeth II’s legacy is remembered

Queen Elizabeth II left big shoes for her son, King Charles III, to fill after her death last week.

The UK is currently under a 10-day mourning period, and after spending more than 70 years on the throne, there aren’t many people who were alive before her reign.

She became queen when she was just 25 years old, and through her decades with the crown, she’s drawn attention to plenty of important causes.

As Charles takes over the throne, many people wonder what’s in store for his wife Camilla.

University of Alabama Department of Theatre and Dance Assistant Professor Fen Kennedy said Camilla’s title was always a point of contention.

“She never really used it a lot publicly because of the association with Princess Diana, who is such a huge public icon,” Kennedy said. “She took another title, the Duchess of Cornwall.  The heir to the throne, William, and (his wife) Kate will now be Prince and Princess of Wales.”

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