Lee Busby

Story by WVUA 23’s Kayla Smith

District 4 Tuscaloosa City Council Elect, Lee Busby, intends to focus on issues relating to public safety, city infrastructure, and fiscal responsibility once he takes office.

Busby was elected to the District 4 seat in a special election held on Tuesday. He will replace former District 4 City Councilman, Matt Calderone, who resigned the position when he moved.

Busby is a lifelong Tuscaloosa resident who spent 15 years working in investment management. His political platform, which includes an emphasis on city infrastructure, appears to reflect his career experience. Busby is a retired Marine Corps colonel. His background is not in politics, but Busby said that he understudied some of the world’s greatest leaders in the military.

“When this seat in this district popped up, I thought maybe that’s a way closer to home that I can serve,” Busby said.

Because of his military background, Busby said that he has spent most of his life as an “apolitical being.” However, he said that he is optimistic about District 4’s future and the impact his service might have on it.

“We have some problems down here, but the problems come from good things,” Busby said. “You know, it’s better to have problems that arise out of growth than problems that grow out of atrophy and dying on the vine.”

Busby said that one of the greatest strengths of District 4 is the relationships between the people that live and work there.

“There is a beautiful synergy between the university and downtown and the residential neighbors and the business owners,” Busby said.

Busby’s career has been marked by another unique profession: sculpting. He has spent the past few years learning to sculpt, and he has created several pieces on commission.

“I didn’t expect to learn to sculpt, and I didn’t expect to go into politics,” Busby said.

According to Busby, the experience has given him insight into the local art community.

Busby will be sworn into office on Oct. 15.

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