Raymond Steele served as Eutaw’s mayor from 2000 – 2012 and is now back in 2016 by popular demand from the people.

“I really believe that the voters and people have sent a message that we want good leadership that is going to lead this community forward,” Steele said at his inauguration. “We are ready. I think the citizens are ready.”

Hundreds of Steele’s supporters gathered around the courthouse square for the inauguration.
Steele tells told WVUA 23 he has high hopes for industrial progress and bringing businesses to Eutaw, including a rest area, truck stop and hotel.
“We are open for business right now,” Steele said, “We also want residential growth and development as well. We have a lot of citizens that are leaving our community because we don’t have housing availability here. We look forward to a lot of progress and a lot of growth.”
Steele’s very first action as mayor was re-instating the three Eutaw police officers who he says were wrongfully terminated by the previous mayor Hattie Edwards.
“I believe they are good officers,” Steele told our reporter, “I would not worry about it if I were them. Their reputation will be proven by service of duty when they are out serving and protecting the citizens of Eutaw.”
Eutaw Police Chief Derick Coleman called the city is a safer place now because of Mayor Steele’s decision to put the officers back on duty.
“It’s just a blessing to be back fully staffed with those guys,” Coleman said, “We believe they were wrongfully terminated. I’m a firm believer that if you stand and trust in God , truth will prevail.”

The officers resumed their responsibilities on Monday, November 7th.

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