Bus Route In Tuscaloosa

Reporting by WVUA 23 Reporter Ashley Harmon

The Tuscaloosa County Commission approved to allocate funds for a survey that will study the interest for a new bus route west of the city Wednesday morning.

The Tuscaloosa Transit Authority plans to conduct the $5,000 survey in the area of the proposed route in early September.

“It’s been talked about for a few years,” Russell Lawrence, executive director of Tuscaloosa Transit, said. “We’ve gotten with Commissioner Murray and identified some areas out in west Tuscaloosa that could be potential ride-share for Tuscaloosa transit.”

Lawrence said he is fully aware of the transportation issue and acknowledged the residents’ complaints.

“We call them opportunities,” Lawrence said. “We’ve had a lot of people say, ‘Hey, we would like service in this area.’ A lot of people in this area don’t have means of transportation.”

The proposed route would travel from the multimodal facility downtown, west along Stillman Boulevard, to Culver Road and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. It would include approximately 15 stops.

Lawrence said the proposed route would cost the county about $136,000 annually in matching funds, including drivers, vehicle operation and maintenance. The additional route would cost roughly $436,000 total.

If the Authority and county choose to move forward with this new bus route after the pilot run, Lawrence said it would likely be sometime in 2020 before the buses actually started running.

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