New budget, old concerns: Council member wants longtime issues addressed

It’s September, and that means many municipalities are preparing their budgets for Fiscal Year 2023, which begins Oct. 1.

Tuscaloosa is no different, and District 2 Tuscaloosa City Council Member Raevan Howard said she’s got some concerns regarding the budget on behalf of her constituents.

“A main concern for me is infrastructure and neighborhood drainage because we have had some major issues with flooding throughout District 2,” said Howard.

Major affected areas include 10th Avenue and 19th Street. It’s issues like these, Howard said, that need adequate funding.

But other issues concern the city as a whole, she said.

“Another issue I have been vocal about is the need for public safety,” said Howard. ” We have done a lot through Elevate (Tuscaloosa) to help increase the quality of life in our community. If we care that much to add these nice amenities and increase the quality of life, then we need to make sure we have police officers and firefighters to help us maintain that quality of life.”

The city is working toward increasing pay for law enforcement and first responders alongside improving benefits.

Other major budget items include funding for area organizations, infrastructure and city employee salaries.

The budget must be passed before Sept. 31.

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