New bank coming soon to Tuscaloosa

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CB&S Bank is soon opening its first bank branch in Tuscaloosa. Currently, the bank is operating temporarily in an office space while they search for a suitable location for their official first branch location.

President and CEO of CB&S Bank Inc. Mike Ross said he thinks West Alabama residents will enjoy banking with CB&S because the company’s banking model is based on personal relationships.

“If everything goes great just all the time, well congratulations, however, as you well know life happens and so when if you a troubling time, having a relationship with a banker is very important,” Ross said. “You’re not a number, you know the person on the other end of the desk and that person is going to be inclined to try and help you more than if you are just a number and you don’t fit the box for that particular institution.”

CB&S Bank deals with the same challenges all businesses did during the pandemic while helping customers navigate through those uncharted waters.

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