New Air Service Coming to Tuscaloosa National Airport

TUSCALOOSA, Ala- Tuscaloosa is welcoming a new air service called Verijet to the Tuscaloosa National Airport.

“We’ve been preparing to operate a fleet of aircraft,” said Richard Cane, President and CEO for Verijet.

Cane said Verijet’s planes are the most efficient, lowest noise, lowest carbon footprint and most cost-effective private jets in the world.

These jets can be booked whenever you want to go, and with a direct service from Tuscaloosa.

They can take you “basically anywhere you want to go in about an 800-mile range,” said Cane.

The jets can fit four adults and two children. They will even allow you to take your dogs along.

Verijet will not be based out of Tuscaloosa.

“When we talk about companies investing in our community, people traveling here to enjoy the University Of Alabama, air service is essential,” said Jim Page, President & CEO of the Chamber Of Commerce.

Following the University of Alabama’s football season, there will be $10 million worth of improvements at the airport.

“In the coming years, we’re going to have a brand new terminal. We realize that we got to modernize the airport to have a look and a feel that keeps companies like Verijet coming to Tuscaloosa,” said Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox. 

If you would like to book a flight you can book it through and click the button on the top right.

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