Tuscaloosa Fire and Rescue’s Project “F.I.R.E.”, or Fire Injury Reduction Education
is aimed at reducing residential fires and preventable injuries among Tuscaloosa’s at-risk communities.
Firefighters from station four were at the Alberta School of Performing Arts to teach children about dos and don’ts in a fire situation. The message to second grade students this month, “never fear a firefighter in gear.”
Firefighters demonstrated how they get dressed for a fire to show students that it is still them under the suit.
Firefighters say children are often frightened by their suited appearance, especially their air masks.
Students were even able to hear how a firefighter’s voice is altered when he speaks through the mask.
Lieutenant William McCafferty says getting into the schools and teaching children directly can make a difference because a high percentage of reported fires and injuries occur in neighborhoods with concentrations of children.
According to Tuscaloosa Fire and Rescue statistics, slightly more than 80% of reported residential fires occur in the Alberta City and West End communities and most requests for fire and life safety educational programs come from schools and pre-schools in the north and south sides of town.

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