You’ve surely heard of finding snakes in the grass or in a boot, but what about in your bed?

Residents in one Tuscaloosa neighborhood are saying their homes have been infested with rodents and reptiles thanks to some land being cleared behind their homes.

Taylor Circle homeowners and renters said they’ve seen many snakes, mice and rats inside and around their homes since the large lot of land behind them was cleared.

Homeowner Jennifer Stepter said her niece, who lives in the home, spotted a snake wrapped around her bed post Sunday morning.

Wiley Latner with Anicon Wildlife Control came to the rescue, and Stepter said he found both snakes and mice living near the home. Latner said it’s not uncommon for mice to relocate when their habitat is upended. Naturally, snakes will follow.

Homeowners said they’re looking to the city for some help.

“At least come out and assess what’s going on,” Stepter said. “Address what’s going on. Give us some type of options of what we could do.”

Tuscaloosa Councilwoman Phyllis Odom represents the area and said the landowner who cleared their property was operating within the law.

Clearing does not require a land development permit, and Odom said that means nearby residents don’t have to be notified.

Odom said animal control supervisor Miguel Sledge advises residents put down moth balls, sulfur and lime to keep creepy crawlies at bay.


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