Need something fun for your kids to do over the summer? Try CAMP!

Denny Chimes University Of Alabama

By WVUA 23 Digital Reporter Sierra Fetcher

This summer the University of Alabama is holding a camp experience for high schoolers to come spend a five-day, four-night trip to see what the university is like and even indulge in some projects.

CAMP, which stands for “communications and media preview,” provides high school students with the opportunity to discover and create stories.

This educational vacation is for high schoolers who are interested in career paths of communications, sports, sports media, sports communication, or high schoolers that are involved with film, student government programs, broadcast, film, journalism, school paper/yearbook and literary magazines.

During CAMP the students will:

  • Practice skills and improve knowledge in the fields of communication and media, as well as develop connections with aspiring communicators and become familiar with the college experience.
  • Work with cutting-edge technology, alongside the nation’s leading experts in areas such as advertising, communication studies, creative media, news media and public relations.
  • Have the opportunity to interact with UA faculty, staff, alumni and current students while learning about communication and media industries.
  • Be exposed to various career options in the field and cultivate their interests around communication and media while engaging hands-on learning and a team-centered environment
  • Produce original work and gain a deeper understanding of how communications and media impact our communities.

Registration for CAMP is now open and ends July 1. The cost for CAMP is $600; the funds cover the night stays, meals and CAMP gear.

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