Need holiday meal ingredients? Some recipes might need substitutions

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By WVUA 23 News Reporter Gracie Johnson

As holiday gatherings inch ever closer, grocery stores are finding that this year they can’t keep up.

Many stores aren’t getting as much inventory as they’re ordering because shipments are backed up. In some cases, stores are limiting how much customers can buy. In others, prices are skyrocketing.

“The prices are much higher than I have ever seen in my life since I’ve been a shopper,” said one shopper. “Neck bones, oh my God I have never seen them that high.”

Getting everything from one spot is a miracle these days, shoppers said. Instead, they’re having to trek to two, three or more spots to check everything off their grocery list.

“I’m looking for something right now and it’s hard to find in stores because the shipment is so low,” said local shopper Dennis Hawkins. “People are just frustrated.”

One local retailer, Publix, is putting purchasing limits on certain in-demand items including coconut flakes, whipping cream and half and half, frozen pie shells and certain oils.

Availability can differ based on location, so if you’re concerned about getting everything on your shopping list before Christmas dinner, don’t go last minute and have a backup plan just in case.

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