MyBama Update Gets Mixed Reviews From Students


By WVUA Contributor Melanie Bumpus

Many University of Alabama students, faculty and staff say they’re not too happy with a recent major update to MyBama, an interactive web portal providing 24/7 access to resources including class information, time cards and time-off balances.

While the previous MyBama organized these resources into drop-down tabs along the left-hand side, the new, graphically updated version moves them lower on the page and focuses on customizable “pinned links” in the center.

Users can pin up to eight links, and the site can operate with a light or dark background, depending on users’ preferences.

Quicklinks take up the top of the left side, including access to Degreeworks and other student-centered links.

Students have mixed reviews on the updated site, and many said they feel the update is unnecessary and prefer the previous look.

“I think the MyBama update is really helpful,” said UA freshman Erin Hidalgo. “I love the new search feature and the ability to pin sites. I use it a lot.”

But sophomore Natalie Teat wasn’t quite as enthusiastic.

“I like the quick links, but the update makes the site look bland and empty, as if it doesn’t represent UA,” she said. “It could use more personality, like the picture of Big Al it used to have.”

Many faculty and UA employees say it’s harder to access the links they need.

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