Moving this summer? Here’s some items you’ll find quite handy

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By WVUA 23 News Reporter Jas Orr

Summer is a popular time to move, and these moving essentials could help make life easier when you’re setting up in your new space. 

Painter’s tape

Though not usually the first thing that comes to mind, painter’s tape is an excellent tool for moving, especially for renters. If you’re worried about damaging your walls, put down some tape before using poster strips, removable wall hooks or even blue tack. That will keep your walls safe from staining or pulling up paint.

You can also use painter’s tape as a tool to hang wall decor with ease. Simply use a small strip to mark a level place and easily line up whatever you’re hanging. 

Reusable moving bags

Sick of setting up boxes? Try using a large reusable bag, preferably one with a zipper, but Ikea bags always come in clutch. One with strong handles will make moving a breeze and reduce the number of trips you’ll have to take in and out. And, as a bonus, the next time you move you’ll have these bags ready to go. 

Multipurpose cleaners

When you move somewhere new, you hope it will be clean but that’s not always the case. A good multipurpose cleaner and a roll of paper towels can go a long way to take care of every potentially grimy surface in your new home. 

A mop and broom

Moving is a messy process and these tools are essential to the cleanliness of your new place. A good broom is a life saver for sweeping up any dust or mess that happens during the moving process, and mops can help with any sudden spills (or overflowing toilets.)

Hand tools

There are many packages you’ll be opening when you move, so having a pair of scissors or boxcutter readily accessible is essential. A multi-bit screwdriver and a hammer will also be lifesavers when setting up your new place. If you’re extra industrious or blessed in the finance department, consider buying a drill to make putting together furniture much less frustrating.

A place for your pets

Moving is stressful, even for your furry friends. Give your animals a place to hang out, whether that be a doggy daycare, a friend’s house or even just a cozy bathroom, while you get everything set up and ready to go for you and your pet.

Make sure they have some toys or familiar items like their beloved bed or security blanket. If you have a cat or a nervous dog, remember to introduce them slowly to the new place to avoid stressing them out.

A fan. Or several

It’s hot here in Alabama, so breaking a sweat while moving is inevitable.

A good box fan can help you beat the heat while you rearrange all your belongings. 

A candle you love

Make your new place feel more like home with a scent you love. It’s not a must, but a scented candle can help your space feel more like you.

A plunger

Buy one before you need one. Enough said.

Happy moving!

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