Hale County residents say dirt road needs cleaning up

Greenleaf Road Moundville

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Karris Harmon

Misty Baxter has lived on Greenleaf Road in Hale County for four years. For the past three, she’s been begging her local elected officials to do something about the road’s conditions.

Greenleaf Road, which is a dirt road with no gravel, becomes impassible whenever it rains.

“It’s nothing but slick all the way to the bottom. Somebody’s gonna lose control and somebody’s gonna get killed,” Baxter said. “There’s no sense in it. All you have to do is grade the road, dig out ditches, do something.”

The road is so bad school bus drivers won’t get on it, she said. Instead, parents have to drive their children down the road so they can be picked up and taken to school.

Baxter’s son Travis said it’s a major inconvenience.

“Once we get down here it’s wet, and then we have to get our shoes dirty,” he said. “Especially, like, on picture day and stuff we have to take pictures and don’t want to be nasty.”

Greenleaf Road resident Sherri Williams said buses aren’t the only issue. Last April, her daughter wound up in a wreck along the road.

“They hit a muddy area that slung them into a rut in the road, caused them to wreck and they went straight off into the gully,” she said.

Because their complaints have gone unanswered, resident Shane Cook said he feels Hale County’s officials aren’t taking them seriously.

“It seems like our votes don’t even count out here,” said Cook. “We vote for people who say they are gonna do us right and do a good job but nothing gets done. Sooner or later when someone gets killed, who’s gonna take the blame for it?”

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